About Us

Clifton Nelson & Sons, Inc.
 is a family owned and operated company located in Ghent, NY since 1948. Before that, our father and grandfather had a construction business in the New York City area. At present the company is being run by the third and fourth generation of builders and carpenters.
Our Philosophy
  There will always be an owner and manager on your project coordinating work and communication between the material suppliers, subcontractors, architects, inspectors, and most of all the owners.
  All the carpentry will be done in-house by a manager and employees of Clifton Nelson & Sons, Inc., insuring quality control from framing to the finish work.
We Will Always Provide the Following Services:
  -Make sure everyone is covered by insurance and obtain Hold Harmless agreements.
  -Work with all inspectors and subcontractors.
  -Assure that the right material is on the job at the right time.
  -Work with the architect, designer and owner to ensure a quality product.